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Work-Study, Much More Than a Paycheck 

There is no deadline to apply to jobs! New jobs are posted daily and throughout the academic year.


  • Educational Resources

    Click to find educational resources regarding the work-study process including:
    The WS Student Training Presentation
    The JobX Student Training Presentation
    Professional Guides on finding, working, & receiving pay


Having a hard time finding a job? Not getting feedback from your applications?                                          Checkout our Job Spotlight page for new and recruiting positions highlighted weekly 

Other Links
  • Student Dashboard

    Click here to review jobs you've recently applied for and to update your JobMail Subscription.

  • Find a Job

    Conduct either quick or advanced searches for available jobs. You may have an unlimited number of pending applications! We recommend you apply to 5-10 positions each week with custom cover letters and resumes.

  • You can search apply to positions if you have a aid year award.

  • Go to "My Dashboard" dropdown to see balances for your awards (not including pending earnings from the last two weeks)

  • Manage JobMail

    Be the first to know when jobs matching your criteria become available.