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Work-Study Supervisor Home Page

By utilizing this system, you attest that you have read both the WS Supervisor Regulatory Training and WS Supervisor JobX Training documents in their entirety and fully understand the information presented.  Your use of this system certifies that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in these documents.

  Supervisor Resources


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2019-20 WS Supervisor Regulatory Training

Icon-Log In   2019-20 WS Supervisor JobX Training
Icon-Log In   2019-20 Annual Update Guide
Icon-Log In   Work-Study Rules & Regulations Guide
Icon-Log In   WS Primer-Program Overview & Regulations
    WS Primer-Planning a Job Posting
    WS Primer-Creating a Posting in JobX
    WS Primer-Reviewing Applicants
    WS Primer-Interview and Selection
    WS Primer-Hiring an Applicant
    WS Primer-Onboarding
    WS Primer-Overearning Prevention
    WS Primer-Semester Evaluations
    WS Primer-Developing & Promoting Students 
    WS Primer-Termination
Icon-Log In   Job Posting Development Guide
Icon-Log In   Skill-Based Learning Outcome List
Icon-Log In   Wage Level Determination Guide
      Wage Determination Form
Icon-Log In   Interview Process Development Guide
Icon-Log In   Interview Question Do's and Do Not's
Icon-Log In   Interview Comparison and Scoring Guide
Icon-Log In   Hiring and Onboarding Checklist
Icon-Log In   Hiring Letter Template
Icon-Log In   Evaluation Form
      Completed Evaluation Form (example)
Icon-Log In   Fall/Spring Time Record Log
Icon-Log In   Hour Planner
Icon-Log In   Off-Campus Workbook
Icon-Log In   WS Program Calendar
    Prior Term Resources
Icon-Log In   2018-19 WS Supervisor Regulatory Training-Summer
Icon-Log In   WS Primer-Summer Work Study
    WS Primer-Posting Summer Jobs
Icon-Log In   Summer Time Record Log
Icon-Log In   Off-Campus Workbook-Summer
Icon-Log In   WS Program Calendar-Summer
Icon-Log In   WS Annual Update Presentation-Program Numbers & Survey Data
    WS Annual Update Presentation-New Initiatives
    WS Annual Update Presentation-Program Updates


  Job Manager Login


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Job Manager has been updated for Summer 2019.  Fall 2019/Spring 2020 preparations are underway and expected to be completed on 6/1.

Please note: Before you can begin posting, you will need to complete the training steps outlined in the section below.

Job Management Login
Summer 2019 positions will be accepted into June 2019. Fall 2019/Spring 2020 positions will be accepted starting June 1st.  Please e-mail if you have any questions.

  Training and JobX Access                                                                         

2019-20 WS Supervisor Annual Training and quiz will be available starting June 1st on the Supervisor Sakai Site.

Please note that all WS Supervisors will need to complete 3 items here:

  1. WS Supervisor Regulatory Training: this presentation covers federal regulations, an overview of the program, and the rights/responsibilities of all participants
  2. WS Supervisor JobX Training: this presentation covers basic operation of the JobX System
  3. WS Supervisor Quiz: this quiz covers material form the two requried modules as well as provides updates on changes to the program for 2019-20.

*New supervisors will also need to complete online registration here once the previous items have been completed.  Please see the Prospective Supervisor Page for more deails.

  Student Earnings                                                                           

JobX Earnings are updated to reflect Fall FWS & CW balances as of the end of pay period B16 (2/2/20).

For a full list of pay period start and end dates , please visit

Please Note: Due to an unavoidable delay between hours being worked, TIM submissions, payroll disbursement, and accounting data availability, earnings in this system are typically behind by 2-4 weeks. Please utilize the Time Record Log to keep up-to-date records of the hours worked for your students.

  Client Billing Management (CBM)
  FAQ2 Departmental wage matches for the UNC Work-Study program are processed through the CBM sytem following reconciliation of each pay period. Listed below are requested resources regarding operation and structure of he CBM system.
  What is CBM and how does it work?
  How to set default CFS sources in CBM