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The positions below are being actively recruited by the supervisor for each position.
If you are interested in any of these position, the supervisors listed below would like to talk to you about working with them.

To find out more about any of the positiosn below, just search for keyword Job ID (left column) on the Advanced Search page.

Job ID Job Name Brief Job Description Special Notes About the Job Supervisor Contact Information
7838 Classroom Support Technician Are you interested in Instructional Technology? Do you want to assist world class leaders in their fields to change health care at the #1 Pharmacy School in the country? The Educational Technology Department at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is seeking highly motivated students to be a part of our team. As a Classroom Support Technician, you will work closely with our team of experts to deliver videoconference solutions to the faculty, staff, and students of the School. You will gain experience in large-scale videoconfence systems, master control operations, and lecture capture. Be a part of the future as we design and implement cutting-edge technology to shape the future of higher education. Email:
8092 Football Athletic Training Room Assistant This position is primarily responsible for assisting the football medical staff with administration duties, record keeping, and assisting during practice as schedules allow. David Mincberg
7941 Administrative support Tagging assets in Radiology, helping with phone/pager accounts from spreadsheets, Time Trex reminders, filing, errands.  This position helps the employee with organization, communication skills, time management. None.
8162 BeAM Program Assistant - Administration Provide administrative support to all aspects of the BeAM makerspaces. Assisting with: scheduling and communication, ordering supplies and tracking expenditures, updating and developing standard operating procedures, financial records processing and upkeep.

Benefits include experience in a fast moving, adaptable, office/administrative role with increased responsibility over time. Opportunities to learn and grow at a professional level.
This position requires 6-8 hours of availability, likely split into two shifts, from Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. The goal is to secure a long term successful candidate that is interested in continuing into the Summer, next Fall, and beyond.
8161 BeAM Administration - IT Support Provide administrative support to all aspects of BeAM makerspaces by supporting the: SharePoint development, updates, and possibly developing standard operating protocols.

Creating: Using Office 360, web sites and content for the BeAM staff SharePoint sites. Useful and reliable web applications for implementation and use by staff and users of BeAM makerspaces and associated equipment. 3D printers, laser cutters, and inventory systems.

Develop: SharePoint file structure, sub sites, permission hierarchy, page layouts. Efficient data collection with automated systems such as MS Flows and web app databases. BeAM API for web apps. Researching alternative ways to improve site and systems.

Maintain: BeAM staff SharePoint sites. Updating Forms, Flows, permissions, file structure, navigation and links, announcements, sub site content, training PowerPoints and associated training files, web page layouts. BeAM Apps. Databases, data capturing, bug fixing, navigation and links, additional content.
Candidate will to work 4-6 hours a week based on the amount of work available. Meeting weekly uring M-F, 9-5pm business hours is required. Seeking candidates that want to continue into the Summer and next Fall.