How to Get the Most Out of Your Work-Study Job 

When: September 22, 4pm 

Employers tell us that some of the traits they value the most in new hires are: 

·        Communication 

·        Creativity 

·        Problem-solving 

·        Professionalism 

·        Strong work ethic 

·        Global perspective 

·        Leadership

This virtual workshop, presented by University Career Services, will teach you how to develop these sought-after characteristics through your work-study job and how the various programs and services available through UCS can help you use your experiences to reach your career goals.

 Successful Resume & Cover Letter Building Workshop for Work-Study Students 

When: November 3, 4pm 

If you have ever wondered how to describe your work-study job on your resume and cover letter in a way that will interest potential employers, then this workshop is for you!   

Learn from University Career Services staff how to effectively identify and present the transferable skills you have developed during your work-study job in ways that will appeal to any employer.

How to Build on Work-Study Experience 

When: April 13, 4pm 

Now that you are wrapping up your work-study job for the academic year, it’s a good time to reflect on what you have done and plan your next steps. This workshop, led by University Career Services, will help you:  

·        Describe your work-study job on your resume in a way that showcases your skills and experiences 

·        Make networking contacts 

·        Maintain your relationships with supervisors and co-workers after you leave 

·        Build on your experience to find internships and jobs 

Join our workshop and learn how to ensure a successful and bright future for your intended career path after your work-study position has come to a close.

Please be sure to add the above dates to your calendar if you wish to attend! An email will be sent one week before each workshop with a reminder and Zoom login information. 


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